Vacant Ward 1 Council Position Filled During Special Meeting

PULLMAN, WA—On Tuesday, January 16th, the Pullman City Council interviewed applicants for the Ward 1 Council position left vacant following the election of Councilmember Francis Benjamin as the newly elected Mayor of Pullman. The application period was open from December 1st, 2023 through January 9, 2024.

Fourteen applicants were interviewed by the Mayor and City Council during this special City Council meeting. At the end of the special meeting the City Council selected Trymaine Gaither to fill the partial term for this position until the next regular election for city positions in 2025.

In his application for this position, Gaither stated that “as a husband and father with young children, I am passionately committed to making our community more family-friendly and inclusive for families with young children. I intend to advocate for improved recreational facilities, accessible public spaces, and supportive educational resources that cater to the diverse needs of all families and children in Ward 1. I also aim to champion sustainable urban development initiatives, ensuring that growth and progress in Ward 1 do not come at the expense of our environment. This includes promoting green spaces and environmentally friendly city planning. Lastly, I commit to maintaining transparency in all my actions and decisions as a City Council member, ensuring that residents of Ward 1 are regularly informed and involved in the processes that affect them. I will be accountable to the community, ensuring their voices are not only heard but also acted upon.”

To view this Special Meeting and hear from all the candidates please visit the City YouTube channel and select the January 16, 2024 Special Meeting or click here.

Trymaine Gaither - Copy

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