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Veteran's memorial monument park
PA Kruegel Park Playground Fall 2019 - Copy
Information on Pullman's Parks & Green Spaces can be found on the Parks & Green Spaces page.
Lawson Gardens information HERE!

The Parks & Facilities division is charged with the planning, development, and maintenance of Pullman’s parks and green-spaces. This includes maintaining and monitoring general upkeep of 21 parks and numerous green spaces (Well 7, Cougar Plaza, Pine Street Mall, etc.). We also upkeep the city's three cemeteries, maintain city street trees and the Pullman RV park. The Parks & Facilities division takes care of weed control along all the city trail and pathways system, as well as all maintenance and repairs required by city facilities. We strive to have solid working relationship with the community on compliance of city ordinances with regard to solid waste, nuisance, weed control, and diseased trees.

You will also see the Parks & Facilities crews working community events like the 4th of July celebration and the National Lentil Festival. The department is also charged with the downtown lighting displays during the holiday season and works with local Avista crews to brighten up the night by placing the snowflake lights on all the light poles throughout the city.

The Parks & Facilities division works diligently to keep all of Pullman's parks and green-spaces in excellent condition for the public's enjoyment. We encourage and appreciate observations of our efforts as well as observations of how we can improve with regards to development and maintenance of Pullman's parks, facilities and green-spaces. For more information or questions call our office at 509-338-3227, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Park Regulations:
  • Hours: Dawn to Dusk.
  • Property Damage: No person shall deface, disfigure, break, cut, tamper with, displace or remove from any park, park property, either permanent or temporary.
  • Dogs:
    1. All dogs are required to be on a leash as per City Code 9.20.030.
    2. Dog owners shall remove all fecal matter deposited by his or her animal in all areas of the parks and other city property as per City Code 9.20.110.
    3. No dogs are allowed in Lawson Gardens, Harrison Tot Lot, and any City Cemetery, per City Code 9.20.020.
  • Vehicles:
    1. Vehicle parking is only allowed in designated areas.
    2. Vehicles are not allowed to park or drive on any grass areas without written permission from the Parks & Recreation Dept.
  • You can find other department policies by clicking here.
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