Water Discoloration

Discolored water from faucetIf  you are experiencing water discoloration, there has likely been a disturbance within the water system that changed the direction or rate of flow in the City water main. Use of a fire hydrant, changes to the water operating system, or even a large volume of water being used for residential purposes during a short period, i.e. irrigation system or pool filling, are all activities that can create these changes within the water system. Discolored water is created by internal pipe rust and sediment that typically resides in the bottom of water mains being stirred up, and delivered through your residential faucet.

The water should clear on its own, however if you would like to help this process along, flush cold water taps for a few minutes. If the water does not clear following this initial flushing, wait 1 to 2 hours. Then repeat the process of running cold water for a few minutes into your bathtub or shower. 

If possible, avoid running hot water while the cold water is still discolored. Once discolored water enters your hot water tank, it remains there until the entire tank has  emptied through use. If you are experiencing discoloration from your hot water only, and the cold taps run clear, this may indicate an issue with your hot water tank.

Water discoloration experienced from these types of occurrences, while not aesthetically pleasing, is also typically not harmful.
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