Localized FloodingLocalized flooding occurs when stormwater facilities are hydraulically limited and cannot convey or store the amount of stormwater in the system. This situation can occur for many reasons, and steps are taken to prevent and mitigate impacts from localized flooding, however these events are still known to occur. When the potential for localized flooding is present, city Maintenance staff ensure that prepared sandbags are placed at set locations throughout the city for use by the public.

Storm Drains

Storm drains help to prevent localized flooding during periods of rapid snow-melt, and heavy rainfall by providing a place for the stormwater to go. Residents can help reduce the chance of flooding in your neighborhood, by following the steps below.


  • Monitor your neighborhood storm drains and keep them free of snow, ice, leaves, and other debris, which can lead to pooling water. This may mean using a shovel or other hand tool to clear the drain grate repeatedly.
  • If you see a clogged storm drain, use a rake, shovel handle, or stick to clear the drain.
  • NEVER remove a storm drain lid.
  • Avoid cleaning drains located in high traffic areas.
  • Do not wade into water when you are unsure of the depth.
You can help by monitoring the drains in your neighborhood and taking appropriate action to safely clear drain grates. If you see a problem area not safe to address yourself contact us by phone or text at 509-338-3243.
Sandbag Locations
North Grand Avenue
Sandbag Location - 796 N Grand Parking Lot

Parking lot at 796 N. Grand Avenue
NE Kamiaken Street
Sandbag Location - 240 NE Kamiaken

Parking lot at 240 NE Kamiaken Street
City Playfields
Sandbag Location - City Playfield SE Riverview

City Playfields - SE Riverview Street
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