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Mission: Ensuring strong infrastructure for a safe and thriving community.

Maintenance Division

Led by Maintenance Supervisor Keith Kirpes, the Maintenance Division is composed of 14 crew members. Our maintenance staff maintain and improve existing infrastructure throughout the city. Some of their more visible responsibilities include street sweeping, painting street lines and directional arrows, snow and ice control activities, and traffic sign and signal maintenance. Less visible is the work they do to maintain existing and assist with the implementation of new water and sewer lines.

Operations Division

Water operations are overseen by Operations Supervisor, Taylor Musburger. Taylor and three Operations Technicians ensure that water delivery systems
and the water that is delivered are of the highest quality. Operations crew members visit each of the four wells and 10 booster sites within the city daily for water quality testing and to ensure systems are operating correctly, every day of the year.

About Us
Wastewater Treatment Plant Division
Mission: Ensure clean water for a thriving ecosystem.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is overseen by Supervisor Trevor Cook. The WWTP consists of eight crew members who are on-site to operate and maintain the plant and associated facilities seven days a week. During 2022 the plant treated 835.8 million gallons of sewage, to be returned safely back to local waterways.

The City of Pullman wastewater treatment plant treats sewage from every home and business in Pullman and WSU, an average of 2.28 million gallons per day. Using a biological method known as activated sludge, the wastewater is treated to remove contaminants such as Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites, and other impurities that could harm the public or ecosystem. The wastewater is then treated with Ultra Violet Light which reduces the pathogen load in the water to safe limits for discharge into the South Fork of the Palouse River.

The City of Pullman and the Wastewater Treatment Plant staff are dedicated to protecting the citizens and environment of the Palouse. We monitor the quality of the Wastewater Treatment Plant effluent on a daily basis to ensure it is of the highest quality. All maintenance and operations at the Wastewater Treatment Plant are performed with the rate-payer in mind, as economically as possible.

Take an Aerial Tour of the plant.
Equipment Rental Division
Mission: Get Pullman where it needs to go, safely and efficiently.

Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, Floyd Boller and five crew members procure and maintain the fleet of city vehicles. In 2022 ERD staff performed service, maintenance, and repair work on 209 vehicles and various pieces of city-owned equipment. 2,412 equipment work orders were completed for vehicle service and repairs.
In addition to M&O Superintendent Art Garro, and the division supervisors, support staff include our Business Services Manager, an Information and Technology Specialist, and three Administrative Specialists with focuses on Accounts Payable, Utility Billing, and Water Conservation.
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