Special Events

SE Lentil Fest Fun Run 2019What is a Special Event?Special Events may include but are not limited to fun runs, races, (on foot, bicycle, or roller-skates), other athletic events, fundraising events, auctions, bike-a-thons, parades, political demonstrations, carnivals, shows or exhibitions, film-making, circuses, block parties, class reunions, fairs, religious events, and weddings on City of Pullman property.

Special Events Applications:
Any person or group desiring to conduct or sponsor a special event in the City of Pullman shall first obtain the appropriate Special Event Permit from the City. To obtain a permit, fill out the Special Event Application Form, or pick up the form at our office at 190 SE Crestview St. Bldg B, Pullman, WA 99163 or call 509 338-3228 for more information.

  1. It shall be unlawful for any person to sponsor, conduct, or participate in a Special Event without first obtaining the proper Special Event Permit.
  2. The Special Commercial Event Permit and the Special Civic Event Permit authorize the permit holder/sponsor to conduct only such an event as is described in the permit, and to do so following the terms and conditions of the permit. It is unlawful to violate the terms and conditions of these permits or to continue with the event after the permit is revoked or expired.
  3. Special Event permits will only be issued for use of public right-of-ways between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. (10:00 p.m. in residential areas or dusk in city parks).
  4. Public right-of-ways include streets, public parking lots, green spaces, plazas, malls, parks, parkways, paths, and any other public property owned by the City of Pullman that are or could be used for/or during Special Events.
All applicants are required to provide the following along with their Special Event Application:
  1. A letter describing your event.
  2. Facility reservation.
  3. Copies of any publications, or advertisements.
  4. Map/diagram of route, and park set-up, including location of chairs, food vendors, tables, stage, and tents.
  5.  Proof of Liability Insurance ($1,000,000) naming the City of Pullman as an additional insurer on the policy.
Additional Permits:
Please read the Special Event Application Information Brochure as you might need additional permits for streets and/or sidewalk closures, noise variance, fireworks, places of assembly, and tents larger than 400 sq. ft. or more.  The forms for the additional permits can be found under Department Information.
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