Inflation Causes Utility Rate Increase

Posted on 10/18/2022

IMG_2524_editPULLMAN, WA—City of Pullman utility customers will see a 4.5% rate increase reflected on their November bill, which includes water, sewer, and stormwater service. The City Council approved the bump at the regular meeting on September 27, following a recommendation from Public Works staff that the increase is necessary to help offset rising costs caused by inflation.

Inflation has forced City managers to confront substantial price increases on many essentials from utility parts and pipe fittings to diesel fuel and even the energy used to power water pump stations, wells, and facilities.

“This recommendation was made to better align customer rates with the City’s cost of maintaining and operating essential services. We maintain a responsibility to deliver quality, reliable utility service to the Pullman community, and we’ll continue that effort,” said Public Works Director Shawn Kohtz.

Utility rates help cover the costs associated with our water system, sewage collection, wastewater treatment plant, stormwater infrastructure, and engineering services, all of which play a critical role in providing quality utility service to Pullman residents and businesses.

Water and sewer rates have stayed consistent since 2019, and stormwater rates last increased in 2011. Since 2019 and 2011, the Consumer Price Index has jumped 15% and 31%, respectively.
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