Comprehensive Plan

In September 2021, the City Council adopted a new Comprehensive Plan for the city. Adoption of this plan completed a multi-year process of research, citizen surveys, public workshops, and formal public hearings.

The Pullman Comprehensive Plan prepares the City to face challenges and opportunities today and into the future, reflecting the collective values and vision of the whole Pullman community. The 2021 Comprehensive Plan updates and builds upon the foundation of the City’s 1999 Comprehensive Plan that in turn was based on plans created in 1961, 1972, and 1982. This Comprehensive Plan is designed to:

  • Serve as the blueprint to guide growth and development within the City for the next forty years 2020-2060. The plan’s vision, goals, and policies guide implementation of the Pullman City Code, particularly Title 17, Zoning Code.
  • Fulfill planning responsibilities under planning enabling laws at RCW 35A.63 that requires the creation of a land use element and a circulation element as well as defining other municipal responsibilities.
  • Provide a framework for other planning requirements including critical areas regulations. The City of Pullman is “partially planning” under the Growth Management Act at RCW 36.70A, and is required to review and revise its critical areas ordinance as appropriate to protect and manage wetlands, fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas, flood hazard areas, geologic hazard areas, and critical aquifer recharge areas.
In order to implement the provisions of the Comprehensive Plan, there will be a number of development regulation amendments starting in 2021.
The Comprehensive Plan is available through the link below.

Comprehensive Plan (approved September 2021)
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