SEPA 23-09 Albion Drive RV Park


NOTICE is hereby given that the city of Pullman has issued a Preliminary Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) pursuant to the rules of the State Environmental Policy Act for a proposal submitted by Scott Sumner for S&D Mader LLC which involves:
Construct an RV park roughly 5.4 acres in size, with sites for approximately 59 RV units and one community building. These spots are intended for short term (180 days or less) with full hook-ups.

The proposal is located in the northwest corner of the City of Pullman, south of Albion Drive and west of Grand Avenue, within Sections 29 and 30, Township 15 North, Range 45 East W.M.

The conditions applied to this proposal by means of this MDNS are as follows:

  1. The applicant shall construct a 12-inch diameter looped water main system for the development from NW Albion Drive to the existing water main stub located at NW Birch Drive, located within the Locust Grove Subdivision private roadway system.
  2. The applicant shall construct an 8-inch public sewer main for this development from the existing public sewer main located in NW Albion Drive to serve this development and adjacent property as required in Pullman City Code 17.105.050(5)(e). Said sewer main shall be located within NW Aspen Drive and NW Locust Grove Drive, and extended as necessary to the extremes of the property to serve adjacent uphill properties to provide for the orderly extension of the public sewer system.
  3. The development must be redesigned to remove any conflicting uses from the existing drainage easement area located along the west and north sides of this project. Alternatively, upon future development application submittal, the applicant may provide a masterplan drainage analysis, per City of Pullman Design Standards, that accounts for the shared drainage easement located on this project site that exists for other lots within said subdivision to also use. The easement areas must be removed from title prior to any development approval within the easement areas.
  4. The applicant must prepare and submit a traffic impact study with the development application. The study shall evaluate any improvements needed at the NW Aspen Drive/NW Albion Drive intersection by addressing the expected traffic from this project that will access NW Albion Drive via NW Aspen Drive, along with the expected traffic from all additional lots in the Locust Grove Subdivision that will access NW Albion Drive via NW Aspen Drive. In addition, the study shall address vehicular circulation within the RV Park and the need for a second access point to facilitate the maneuvering of RVs and their safe access to public ways as required in Pullman City Code 17.105.050(3) and 17.105.050(8).
Those who wish to comment to the city regarding the issuance of the DNS must address their remarks to the Responsible Official, RJ Lott, AICP, Director of Community Development, by 5:00 p.m. on January 29, 2024.

Director of Community Development

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