Weller, Nathan

18516648_180_180TERM:  January 1, 2020-December 31, 2023
Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments 

  • PalouseOne
  • Board for Volunteer Firefighters & Reserve Officers (BVFF)
  • Law Enforcement Officers & Firefighters Disability Board (LEOFF)
Nathan Weller attended Washington State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters in Bioregional Planning and Community Design from the University of Idaho. He has had the opportunity to work in research farms and labs in Netherlands and Washington. He also worked at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and later at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia. Shortly after he was retained as a consultant for aerospace technology, satellite instrumentation and environmental science.

He is an avid entrepreneur and believes in collaboration to succeed. He formed a recreational business, coffee/tea business and consulting business. His experience ranges from science and technology, policy research, marijuana impairment research, political advising, entrepreneur development, marketing and outreach. Nathan was elected to serve on Pullman City Council in 2008 and continues to serve the city along with several local and regional boards focused on urban agriculture, economic development, poverty, entrepreneurship, science, technology, transportation and education.

(2018 – Present) WSU Center for Entrepreneurial Studies: Mentor
(2018 – Present) Palouse Regional Transportation Planning Organization
(2018 – Present) Pullman Good Food Co-Op Board
(2018 – Present) Pullman Depot Project
(2018 – Present) Pullman 2040: Connectedness
(2017 – Present) Pullman 2040: Marketing, Community Identity
(2016 – Present) WSU & Pullman Town/Gown Collaborative: Communications, Downtown Group
(2016 – Present) Washington State University Institutional Biosafety Committee
(2016 – Present) Friends of Gladish Board of Directors
(2015 – Present) Palouse Knowledge Corridor: Washington State Chair
(2013 – Present) Ex-Officio member to the Neill Public Library Board
(2013 – Present) Chair of Poverty Awareness Taskforce
(2012 – Present) Board Member for Back Yard Harvest (local fresh produce organization)
(2012 – Present) City of Pullman Capital Improvement Program
(2007 – Present) .09 Blue Ribbon Advisory Task Committee for Whitman County

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