Stormwater Management Program

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Stormwater Management Program (SWMP)

The City of Pullman has been managing stormwater for a long time. However, to be more effective and create a successful program enhanced coordination between the various staff and departments that deal with stormwater needs to occur. The NPDES Phase II permit requires the City of Pullman to develop a comprehensive Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) and implement the Program prior to the end of the current permit cycle. A written report (SWMP) documenting the actions the City plans to implement to satisfy State requirements and protect water quality is required to be made available to Ecology annually  by March 31 and to the public by May 31. 

This document can be viewed below:


Pullman 2019 SWMP

Attachment A: Implementation Plan

Addendum 1: Stormwater Funding Alternatives & Financial Plan

Early in 2007, the City hired consulting firm Otak, Inc. to assist with development of Pullman's SWMP. Otak worked closely with City staff and in September 2007 produced the Final Stormwater Program Implementation Plan (Attachment A). The Implementation Plan contains the following Sections:

As required by the NPDES Phase II permit, the Implementation Plan addresses the following elements: