Water System

Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 June 2016 13:40

The City of Pullman obtains its groundwater supply from the Pullman-Moscow Groundwater Basin.  The Basin also serves the City of Moscow, Washington State University, the University of Idaho, Colfax, Palouse and other rural residents in Whitman and Latah Counties.  The water supply for the basis is withdrawn from several different geologic formations within the Columbia River Basalt group, the most productive of which is the Greand Ronde Basalt.  When the first wells were drilled in the late 1800s, the aquifers were artesian, fising to as much as 25 feet above the ground surface.  Today, however, groundwater levels are declining, causing the basin to become the subject of numerous published studies, beginning in 1897 and continuing to the present.  The City has implemented many water conservation measures over the years in an effort to reduce its impact on the aquifer.  


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