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Lawson Garden, Pullman, WA  Lawson Garden, Pullman, WA  Lawson Garden, Pullman, WA

What is Wisescape Landscaping? 

Over the years, local governmental agencies and the two major universities in the area have collaborated to preserve the local water supply. In 1967, these entities formed the Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee (PBAC) with the mission “to ensure a long-term, quality water supply for the Palouse.” The member entities of PBAC have each implemented various water conservation programs such Wisescape landscaping established by the City of Moscow in 2008. This program promotes and provide examples of water-efficient landscaping, integrating various native plantings some of which are drought resistant, from various areas of the Palouse region.  The city of Pullman has also promoted and implemented water-efficient landscaping practices and many examples of these effort are seen throughout the community at Lawson Garden and other City-owned facilities.  

The cities of Pullman and Moscow both use many of the same media outlets for public outreach and education and have decided to join together to promote their water-efficient landscaping programs branded under a common name called Wisescape landscaping. The core concepts of this Wisescape landscaping program includes landscape design, resource use reduction, soil enhancements, and various plant selections.  The Wisescape Landscaping Guidelines listed below provide a detailed description of the key elements included and/or to be considered for each of the Wisescape landscaping core concepts.

Wisescape Landscaping Guidelines

Landscape Design

Reduce Resource Use


Plant Selection



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