Current City Projects

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 June 2017 15:06

N Grand Waterline Replacement

This project consists of the construction of approximately 2,282 lineal feet of 6-inch to 12-inch waterline within the N. Grand Avenue right-of-way.  Additional waterline replacement activities include furnishing and installing 3 new fire hydrant assemblies and 1 air relief valve, connecting the new waterlines to the existing domestic system (at mains, services, and existing fire hydrants), and abandoning existing 8-inch to 12-inch waterlines. Other work includes removing and replacing roadway Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement and hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavement, concrete curb and gutter, and concrete sidewalk; pavement markings; landscape restoration; erosion control; trench safety; traffic control; and other associated items.

Street Resurfacing

This is an ongoing yearly contract whose purpose is to repair or rebuild those streets in bad shape, and that have significant levels of traffic flow.

Sidewalk Repairs

Each year the City has a small contract to repair sidewalk sections on one of the four hills of Pullman.  Walking hazards are eliminated by grinding raised edges or by removing and replacing certain sidewalk sections.  This contract is not intended to repair broken up sidewalk unless the edges are raised above the safe maximum.  This year's work is in Sunnyside Hill.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Projects

Several major projects are in various stages of development at the waste water treatment plant.  Contract work is ongoing to install new air blowers to provide more aeration capacity.  Design work is ongoing for the construction of a new aeration basin and modifications to the existing aeration basin.  Construction has started on a new digester, a new digester building, and modifications to the existing digester facilities.  Engineering will begin soon for upgrading plantwide electrical and control systems and improvements to the existing secondary clarifiers.  This will be a multi-year effort to design and construct these improvements.

WSDOT Projects

SR 270 - Jct US 195 to Bishop Blvd - Paving

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