Warner Assault Investigation Update (05/06/13)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 08:16


May 6, 2013
Gary Jenkins, Chief of Police
Pullman Police Department
(509) 334-0802

Warner Assault Investigation Update

PULLMAN – Pullman Police Department detectives are continuing their investigation of the David Warner assault that occurred on March 30, 2013. A total of four suspects have been identified and arrested: Madeline Fouts, Joshua W. Nantz, John "Matt" Cabanos-Soriano, and Robert D. Bean.

Detectives have been interviewing and re-interviewing witnesses, examining evidence, and preparing reports. The goal is to conduct as thorough an investigation as possible, given the available witnesses and evidence, to sort out the events that transpired prior to, and during, the assault and the culpability of each suspect.

A press release with an update is anticipated by mid-week the week of May 13 when investigators project completing the investigation.

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