Door-to-Door Magazine Solicitor Fraud

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 November 2013 15:21


April 6, 2012
Gary Jenkins, Chief of Police
Pullman Police Department
(509) 334-0802


PULLMAN – Pullman residents should beware of door-to-door magazine solicitors who may attempt to defraud potential customers.

On March 31, 2012, two subjects contacted an elderly Pullman resident in the 800 block of SE Spring Street. The victim was told they were working on a communications project for WSU and were interviewing influential people. They talked their way inside the residence and said their project also included donating money and her donation would give them points that would count toward their project and help them to earn a trip to Barcelona. They convinced the woman to take them to the Moscow Walmart and to try to purchase a $2,800 television set at Walmart; Walmart refused the check.  They then went to the Pullman Walmart where they tried to get her to cash a check so she could allegedly donate the cash to the wounded veterans' fund; that check was also refused. The check was made out to "Blue Diamond Sub". They returned to the victim's residence where a neighbor intervened and drove the subjects out of the neighborhood.

The suspects were described as two college-aged males: 1) white, 5'8", blonde hair and blue eyes, muscular build, wearing a brown coat; and, 2) possibly Samoan, 5'8", wearing a navy blue coat. An associated vehicle was possibly a blue van.

On the same day we received reports of door-to-door magazine solicitors from Blue Diamond Subscription Services attempting to sell magazines in Pullman.  Solicitors are required to obtain an Itinerant Vendor Permit from the Pullman Police Department; however no one from Blue Diamond obtained a permit. Again on April 5, 2012, we received a complaint about magazine solicitors and we discovered a group of subjects from Blue Diamond attempting to sell magazines without a permit.

We recommend that you do not let salespeople inside your home, do not discuss any personal issues, and demand to see a City of Pullman Itinerant Vendor Permit.  If they cannot provide a permit, or they tell you that their "supervisor" has the permit, do not do business with them and call the Pullman Police Department immediately. The Pullman Police Department has not issued permits to any door-to-door magazine solicitors.

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