New Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Signal (HAWK)

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December 8, 2016

Gary Jenkins, Chief of Police

Pullman Police Department

(509) 334-0802


New Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Signal (HAWK)


PULLMAN –  In late November, the installation of a new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Signal (HAWK) on Grand Avenue at Ritchie Street was completed.  The HAWK signal was put into service in an effort to improve pedestrian safety in a mid-block crossing on a multi-lane arterial street.  The Grand Avenue and Ritchie Street location is the junction of pedestrian and bicycle traffic between Military Hill and College Hill, where the Grand Avenue sidewalk system and Grand Avenue Greenway Trail intersect.


The HAWK signal is the first of its kind in the City of Pullman.  Drivers and pedestrians both should familiarize themselves with its use.  The signal remains dark while not in use.  The lights on the HAWK signal are activated when a pedestrian pushes the button at either end of the crossing.  Drivers should respond to yellow and solid red lights in the same manner as any other traffic signal.  After stopping for the red light, drivers may proceed through the crossing area during the flashing red light interval only when safe to do so without risk to pedestrians.


For more information about Pullman’s new HAWK signal, please visit full video demonstration of a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Signal is available at: As with any street crossing, it is important that pedestrians proceed with caution, watching out for traffic that may fail to slow or stop. 



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