Program Launched to Help Owners Find Lost & Stolen Property

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August 23, 2016

Gary Jenkins, Chief of Police

Pullman Police Department

(509) 334-0802


Program Launched to Help Owners Find Lost & Stolen Property


PULLMAN – Estimates show less than 5% of owners record the serial numbers of their property, which is the main identifier police use to locate and return lost and stolen property to the rightful owner.  Pullman Police has teamed up with TrackMole, a free service that helps recover lost and stolen property. TrackMole is a powerful property tracking and crime prevention tool that helps identify owners of lost and stolen properties by using serial numbers. TrackMole allows owners to recover their property when lost or left behind at places such as coffee shops, restaurants, taxis, airports, hotels, schools, parks, buses, etc. As soon as a match to the serial number on the property is found, the owner simultaneously receives emails from TrackMole stating where it is, who has it, and how to get it back.  When citizens enter serial numbers of found property, TrackMole will connect them to item’s rightful owner as soon as he/she is identified.


To enter your serial numbered property, create a free account online at or by using a Facebook, Amazon, or Google+ account. It takes less than an hour to log/enter/register the contents of an entire household. Once you sign up, you significantly increase the chance of retrieving lost or stolen property if it is located by police, a business, or someone who turns it in. The only personal information needed to sign up is your name and email address; no other personal information is required. For more information, visit:


You can still look for stolen and lost property in Pullman without creating a TrackMole account or entering serial numbers. The Police Department will be posting photos of found and unclaimed property online to be identified by their owners.


To sign up for a TrackMole account, go to To view recovered, found, and unclaimed property at the Pullman Police Department, visit:, or just type “Pullman Police Department” in the search box on the main page.


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