Phone Scam by IRS Impersonators

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February 11, 2014
Gary Jenkins, Chief of Police
Pullman Police Department
(509) 334-0802

Phone Scam by IRS Impersonators

PULLMAN – The Pullman Police Department has received reports of attempted fraud committed by persons impersonating IRS investigators.  Callers claiming to be from the IRS tell intended victims they owe taxes and must pay using a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer.  The scammers threaten those who refuse to pay with arrest, deportation or loss of a business or driver’s license.  The callers who commit this fraud often:

The truth is the IRS usually first contacts people by mail – not by phone – about unpaid taxes. And the IRS won’t ask for payment using a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer. The agency also won’t ask for a credit card number over the phone.  If you get a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS asking for a payment, here’s what to do:

Be alert for phone and email scams that use the IRS name. The IRS will never request personal or financial information by email, texting or any social media. You should forward scam emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Don’t open any attachments or click on any links in those emails.

If you believe that you are a victim of this type of crime, please report it to the Pullman Police Department at (509) 332-2521.

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