Burglary Ring Warning

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 August 2014 09:44


November 5, 2013
Gary Jenkins, Chief of Police
Pullman Police Department
(509) 334-0802


PULLMAN – Pullman Police arrested two suspects yesterday after they committed a home invasion robbery and then attempted to use stolen credit cards at local stores.  While the investigation is still ongoing, it appears these suspects may be part of a burglary ring which has committed residential burglaries in Pullman, and likely other areas.

The burglary ring is known to travel in groups of two to eight and will park or drop off their passengers in residential areas.  Suspects will knock on the front door to determine if anyone is home.  If the resident answers the door they will ask for directions or say they are looking for someone.  If the resident does not answer the door, they will forcibly enter and burglarize the home.  The recent case in Pullman involved a suspect armed with a handgun.

The suspects arrested and their known affiliates are from Seattle and Pullman.  They are Somali and African American males in their late teens to early and mid-twenties.  When credit cards are stolen, the suspects attempt to use them immediately before the owner has a chance to report them stolen.  The suspects in the Pullman case used stolen credit cards to purchase gift cards that are untraceable and can be used later.

Residents and businesses are asked to call the police if they see any activity consistent with the information in this warning bulletin.

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