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What is a drone?  Otherwise known as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), drones are technological robots with commercial and recreational uses.

The use of an UAS for capturing photographs for personal use is considered recreational.  Using the same device to capture photo or video footage for compensation or sale to an individual or entity is considered commercial operation.

Here are some important safety guidelines for recreational UAS users:

Drone Altitude Map for Moscow-Pullman Regional Airport (PUW) Area

The following are useful resources for those interested in the operation of drones:

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
FAA- Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Know Before You Fly
Academy of Model Aeronautics
FAA Advisory Circular: Model Aircraft Operating Standards
"Educational Use" Defined (FAA)
NEW Small Unmanned Aircraft Rules: Summary (FAA)
Small UAS Advisory Circular: How to Use the Rule (FAA)
NEW Small Unmanned Aircraft Rules: Complete Text (FAA)
UAS Use for Work or Business (FAA)
Register Your UAS with the FAA
Flying for Fun (FAA)
Becoming an UAS Pilot
FAA UAS Frequently Asked Questions
A Guide to Drone Safety

Watch "Be a Safe Drone Pilot", a brief video by the FAA. 

AirMap is a free, comprehensive airspace database and a valuable resource for UAS operators.  Check it out here.

The FAA has announced a new UAS-related smartphone app, called B4UFLY.  This app will assist UAS users in knowing whether it is safe and legal to fly in their current/planned location.  Read the B4UFLY press release here.

Learn more about drone applications, safety and regulations, resources, and more here.

Click here to visit the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport UAS webpage. 


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