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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about parking issues in the City of Pullman. Can't find the answer to you question?  Email us your question and we will respond to you directly within two business days, as well as possibly adding your question to our list of FAQs! 


Q. I received a parking ticket.  What are my options?

Once a parking ticket has been issued, there are three options available:

  1. Pay it
  2. Contest it - You believe that the ticket was issued in error and/or that you did not commit the violation described in the ticket
  3. Mitigate it - The ticket was issued correctly and you committed the violation described, but you believe that there were mitigating circumstances involved.

To contest or mitigate a ticket, you need to responded to the ticket within fifteen (15) working days by checking the appropriate box on the back of the ticket, providing the requested information, and mailing it to Whitman County District Court at the address indicated on the ticket.  You can also contact the Court by telephone at 509-332-2065.

IMPORTANT: If you do not respond to the ticket within fifteen (15) working days, you have forfeited your right to a hearing and are therefore responsible for the ticket, and your only option is to pay the fine.

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Q. How do I pay a parking ticket?

The Pullman Police Department now has three options available to pay your parking ticket:
  1. Pay online - To pay a ticket online with a credit or debit card, please visit our online processing center by clicking here. Once at the site, please click the "Citizen Inquiries" section, and follow the provided instructions.  Please note that Citation Processing Center will access a $3.50 transaction fee for online transactions.
  2. Pay by phone - Tickets issued after April 1, 2012 can be paid over the phone with a credit or debit card by calling 1-800-989-2058. Live Customer Service Representatives are available on Mondays thru Fridays, 8:00 am - 5-00 pm (except holidays). Outside of these hours, there is also an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) option available to remit payment. The IVR will prompt you to enter certain information pertaining to the ticket as well as preferred payment method. Please note either of these options will also be subject to a transaction fee of $3.50.
  3. Pay by mail - You can mail a check made out to "City of Pullman" to the address indicated on your ticket or notice letter. Please do not send cash in the mail.
  4. Pay in person - You can pay with either cash or check in person at the Pullman Police Department, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Q: What happens if I don't pay my ticket?

After a ticket is issued, the owner of the vehicle has fifteen (15) working days to respond to the ticket, either by:

  1. Paying the ticket
  2. Contesting or mitigating the ticket through the court

If no response is received within fifteen (15) working days, a Delinquency Notice is generated and mailed to the registered owner of vehicle (as per Department of Licensing vehicle registration records).

If no response is received, a Final Notification Letter is generated and mailed to the registered owner of vehicle. 

If no response is received within forty-five (45) days of issuance of the Final Notification Letter, the ticket and registered owner information is sent to a collection agency.  Once the ticket has been sent to collections, it is closed out in our system and all further correspondence regarding the ticket must be handled through the collection agency.

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Q: My roommate drove my car and he/she received the ticket. Why did I receive the late notice?

Parking tickets are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle, not the person driving the car. There are a lot of instances of roommates who drive the car and get a ticket. Also, a lot of students drive cars that are registered to their parents. Any late notices or collections will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. In order to have a roommate/driver pay for the ticket the vehicle owner will have to pursue a small claim action in civil court.

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Q: Why did I get a ticket when there wasn't a "no parking" sign?

There are many violations that do not need a posted sign in order to be illegal. Parking adjacent to a yellow curb is the most common. But there are many that do not require a sign. The following is a list of the most common infractions issued on College Hill and throughout the City:

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Q: I was only there for a few minutes. Why did I get a ticket?

This is the most common question or statement. The response is that it doesn't matter how long you were there. Hazard lights do not matter; in fact it makes parking enforcers more aware by broadcasting to everyone that they are parked illegally.  If the vehicle is left unattended and parked illegally it is subject to an infraction.

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Q: How much does a ticket cost?

Fine amounts vary depending on the violation.  More information is available by clicking on the Pullman parking laws page.

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Q: What types of tickets get issued the most?

The most common violations that occur in the City of Pullman are:

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Q: What does parking with "Left Wheels to Curb" mean?

This is a State of Washington violation, and it is one that is in the Department of Licensing manual in order to get a Driver's License. The reason why it is a violation is that in order to park with the left wheels closest to the curb the driver had to drive into the oncoming lane of traffic. Also to leave from the parked position the vehicle again drives in the oncoming lane of traffic, thereby creating another traffic hazard. The only time that this does not create a hazard is on one way traffic roads.

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Q: What are the rules about parking in a handicapped parking spot?

You must have a current State Disabled Permit to park in posted handicap parking spaces. The permit can be from any state, but must be issued by the appropriate state agency.  WSU Handicapped stickers are not valid off of campus, and you will receive a ticket.  The parking ticket for parking in a handicapped parking spot without a proper permit is $450.00, which is dictated by Washington State Law.  Contact the Washington State Department of Licensing for further information on obtaining a handicap permit.

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 Q: What kinds of parking violations are towable offenses?

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Q. I received a notice from a collection agency regarding a parking ticket. What are my options?

Once the ticket has been sent to collections, it is completely closed out in the Pullman Police Department's system.  All correspondence and arrangements regarding payment of the ticket (and any associated collection fees) must be made directly with the collection agency.

For tickets issued through March 31, 2012, the collection agency is Inland Merchants Association, Inc. They can be contacted by phone at 509-332-6716 or in person at 112 N. Grand Avenue / Pullman, WA  99163.

For tickets issued from April 1, 2012 forward, the collection agency is through Citation Processing Center/Data Ticket.  Questions regarding ticket collections can be handled through their customer service center by calling 1-800-989-2058.  

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Q. I still have questions about my parking ticket. Who can I contact?

If you have further questions regarding your parking ticket, please do not hesitate to contact the Pullman Police Department at 509-334-0802 or send us an email by clicking here.

Additionally, for tickets issued after April 1, 2012, you can also contact Citation Processing Center's customer service representatives by dialing 1-800-989-2058 on Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST); they will be happy to answer your questions as well.  

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