Animal Control FAQ

Last Updated on Friday, 21 August 2015 08:41

What to do when you find a deceased animal:


The Pullman Police Department employs two Code Enforcement Officers who provide removal and tracking of deceased domestic animals reported by Pullman citizens.  If you find a deceased domestic animal, contact WHITCOM, our non-emergency dispatch center, at 332-2521 to file a complaint.  An on duty Code Enforcement Officer will be dispatched to assist with removal of the animal.  The Code Enforcement Officer will also document the location, circumstances, and physical description of the animal as thoroughly as possible.  The animal will be scanned for a microchip.  This information will be compared to missing animal reports from various sources and shared with the Whitman County Humane Society in an effort to find potential owners.  The Code Enforcement Officer will then dispose of the animal if necessary. 


In the event that a Code Enforcement Officer is not on duty, the complaint will be reviewed by a Police Officer and held for the next Code Enforcement Officer available.  The highest success of identifying the animal is a result of continuity in handling.  For this reason, Code Enforcement Officers are assigned to handle all deceased animal complaints.  Pullman Police Officers will not respond to deceased animal complaints, barring the existence of a traffic hazard or other similar issue.  If you are unable to wait for a Code Enforcement Officer to respond, please refer to the following list of local resources who can provide microchip scanning (not disposal) at their establishments during business hours unless otherwise listed.   

Alpine Animal Hospital  ..........332-6575            

Evergreen Vet  ..........332-4586            

WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital  ..........335-0711    (scanning available 24/7)

Whitman County Humane Society  ..........332-3422            



If you are unable to accommodate this option, or if scanning the deceased animal is unsuccessful, a Code Enforcement Officer will respond as soon as possible to provide for proper handling and disposal of the animal.