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Parking in the City of Pullman can be difficult on a normal day.  As a city with neighborhoods dating back to the turn of the 19th century, the narrow streets winding up and down the four main hills were not designed with today's modern vehicles in mind.  Certain areas of town have a higher demand for parking spaces, such as the heavily populated residential areas adjacent to the Washington State University campus.  Additionally, the lack of garages and off-street parking options in the older neighborhoods only boosts the demand for available on-street parking options. 

When the City's population swells with an influx of visitors for special events like the National Lentil Festival or a WSU sporting event, finding a parking space can seem like an impossible task. 

The Pullman Police Department is tasked with enforcing state and local parking laws and statutes within the city limits.  Click through the following pages for more information on how to navigate the various parking zones and areas within the City. 

There have been some recent changes to parking fines amounts. View an updated schedule of parking fines by clicking here



For more information on parking on WSU campus, please click here.

Still have questions about parking in Pullman?  Feel free to contact us at (509) 334-0802 or send us an email by clicking here.