Taxi Licensing

Last Updated on Friday, 15 September 2017 13:46

UPDATE: Ordinance Revision Effective 9/21/17

On September 12, 2017 Pullman City Council voted to amend the City's Taxicab Licensing Ordinance. 

Chapter 6.94 Taxicab and TNC Licenses
Chapter 6.95 Commercial Business Registration
Ordinance Staff Report to Council


In 2017, the City of Pullman began exploring the possibility of amending the Taxicab Licensing Ordinance. Previously, taxi drivers had been required to complete and successfully pass a fingerprint-based background check in order to legally operate within the City. The proposed change to this ordinance would allow for Social Security number- based background checks, like those required of Uber drivers. This added flexibility would allow Uber and similar taxi services to expand their services within our community.  

Several public meetings were held to gather input from members of the public, including drivers and representatives of Pullman taxi companies, Uber, and similar TNC services.  

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(Attachment C - Document List).

Draft Proposed Ordinance

Attachment A: Pullman Taxi Ord Comparisons to TNCs
Attachment B: Public Feedback - Public Meeting - Facebook - Twitter - Email
Attachment D - Driver and Background Comparisons
Kennewick Ordinance
Olympia Ordinance
Pullman Ordinance
Vancouver Ordinance

Public Provided Documents
P-1: Greyball: How Uber used Secret Software to Dodge the Law
P-2: Uber is Smart, Simple and Seductive. But Should We Still be Using It?
P-3: Uber Cuts Prices - and Kneecaps Drivers
P-4: Uber Paying up to $10 Million for Lying About the Quality of Their Background Checks
P-5: Uber's Never Ending Stream of Lawsuits
P-6: Airport Aims to Use Uber's Drivers' Fingerprints to Check Past
P-7: Uber Background Checks Missed Drivers' Criminal Records, Prosecutors Say
P-8: Uber's Big Problem That Won't Go Away: Background Checks
P-9: Uber's System for Screening Drivers Draws Scrutiny
P-10: Uber's Background Checks Don't Catch Criminals, Says Houston
P-11: Report: Fingerprint-Based Criminal Background Checks are 43 Times More Accurate than Name Checks
P-11a: One Standard for All: Criminal Background Checks for Taxicab, For-Hire, and Transportation Network Company (TNC) Drivers (Document P11 is a summary of this full report)
P-12: Unfinished Business: A Blueprint for Uber, Lyft and Taxi Regulation
P-13: These Uber Incidents Could Have Been Avoided
P-14: Police: Uber Driver Arrested After Attempting To Murder Police Officers
P-15: Thousands of Uber, Lyft Drivers Fail New Background Checks

Lyft Provided Documents
L-1: 2017 Economic Impact Report
L-2: CPUC (CA Public Utilities Commission) Background Check Workshop
L-3: Lyft Driver Background Check Presentation for the CPUC
L-4: Pullman WA Model City Ordinance
L-5: Letter of Support for Ridesharing and Lyft
L-6: Resolution of Support for Ridesharing and Lyft

Uber Provided Documents
U-1: Survey of State Criminal History Information Systems, 2010
U-2: Email Regarding Fingerprint Submissions and the Sex Offender Registry
U-3: Safety with Uber
U-4: The Attorney General's Report on Criminal History Background Checks
U-5: Letter from Eric Holder to the President of the CPUC Re: Fingerpint-Based Background Checks
U-6: Wanted: Accurate FBI Background Checks for Employemnt; Reward: Good Jobs
U-7: Pratt: Fingerprinting Doesn't Tell the Whole Story
U-8: Ensuring Safety in the Digital Age: The Background Check Evolution
U-9: Lost Evidence: Fingerprints Rarely Used in Oklahoma Cases
U-10: PA Police Fail to Fingerprint Thousands of Suspected Criminals
U-11: State Background-Check System Flawed and Unreliable
U-12: Fingerprints vs. Name-Based Background Checks: And the Winner is....
U-13: Performance Audit: Improving the Completeness of Washington's Criminal History Records Database
U-14: Faulty FBI Background Checks for Employment: Correcting FBI Records is Key to Criminal Justice Reform
U-15: Criminal History Records: Additional Actions Could Enhance the Completeness of Records Used for Employment-Related Background Checks
U-16: Myths and Myth Busters about Background Screening and Fingerprinting
U-17: Transportation Network Company (TNC) Pilot Program Update [Staff Report]
U-18: Annual Report Ground Transportation (Airport) Memo to Transportation Enveironment Committee
U-19: The Efficacy of Name-Based Searches for Other than Criminal Justice Purposes
U-20: Mobile Fingerprint Capture
U-21: Proposed Fingerprint-Based Background Checks: Letter to the San Francisco District Attorney
U-22: Brewfest: Record Number of Attendance and Low DUI Arrests
U-23: Criminal Background Checks and Access to Jobs: A Case Study of Washington, DC
U-24: Reply Comments of Lyft, Inc. Re: Assigned Commissioner's Ruling Inviting/Instructing Party Comments on Background Checks of Propsective Transportation Network Company Drivers
U-25: Information from Uber Representatives