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The Pullman Police Department is proposing an ordinance regulating ATVs on public streets within the City of Pullman.

All-terrain vehicles (“ATVs”), whether registered or unregistered, are illegal to operate on public streets within Pullman City limits. There is a long history of ATVs operating on the public streets in Pullman providing snowplowing services to residents and businesses. Operators of ATVs are subject to receiving an infraction for the illegal operation of an ATV on a public street. State law allows cities to regulate the operation of non-highway vehicles, including ATVs, on streets in their jurisdiction. Completion of a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Environmental Checklist would be required. This process is normally 30-45 days, but can take longer.

Staff brings this issue for discussion. Attached is a draft ordinance for consideration at a future City Council meeting. The highlights of the attached draft ordinance include: 

 Operation limited to city streets with a speed limit of 35 MPH or less
 Operators and passengers must wear a motorcycle helmet (except as allowed per RCW 46.09.470)
 ATV must be registered
 ATV must comply with equipment requirements contained in the RCW, including headlights, tail lamps, stop lamps, reflectors, turn signals, mirrors, windshields, horns, brakes, spark arresters, and muffling devices
 Operators must obey all rules of the road applicable to vehicles
 No passengers under the age of five are allowed


Request for Council Action (02/28/17)

Draft ATV Ordinance  (Updated 04/25/17)

RCW 46.09.455: State Regulations of Local ATV Ordinances

RCW 46.09.470: Helmet Exemption

Substitute House Bill 1838: Amending RCW 46.09.455(1)(b)

A public meeting for discussion on this topic was held:
Monday, April 10th at 5:30 p.m.
Council Chambers at Pullman City Hall
325 SE Paradise Street - Pullman

Video/audio of meeting is availabe at: