Block Watch

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 09:11

Block Watch is one of the most effective crime prevention tools available to citizens and the Police. It provides a framework for neighbors to organize and form a partnership with their Police Department. Block Watches are not difficult to form or maintain, and the benefits are many. When you have a Block Watch neighborhood, you are telling criminals, who are looking for prospective victims, to look elsewhere.


When you have a Block Watch neighborhood, you get the following:

  1. A close-knit neighborhood in which you and your neighbors know each other and look out for one another.
  2. A Pullman Police Officer assigned as a "Liason" officer, who can arrange for "experts" to speak at neighborhood meetings on topics of concern such as:
    • Target Hardening Techniques for your home
    • Current Trends in Crime in your neighborhood
    • Personal Safety
    • Sex Offenders
    • Any topic of Neighborhood Concern such as traffic, noise, etc.
  3. Access to crime prevention materials including:
    • Crime Prevention Books
    • "Block Watch" Signs for your Street Corners (Only after forming a blockwatch in your neighborhood)
    • Block Watch and Operation I.D. Stickers for your doors and windows
    • Equipment to enable your neighborhood to engage in Operation I.D. to include the following:
      • Engravers to engrave your valuables and iventory lists to record serial numbers, etc.
      • Video Cameras for purposes of creating a "Video Inventory" of your home (This can include your family members), and access to technology from which you can make a digital record of your belongings.
      • Coming soon, access to digital cameras for the purposes of creating a digital inventory of your property (and family members).

The largest benefit of forming a blockwatch in your neighborhood is that you will be helping to create the kind of neighborhood in which you will feel comfortable and safe. One of Block Watch's mottos is "Putting the Neighbor Back in the Neighborhood".

Block Watch in Pullman is organized by the Hill on which you live. There is a Vounteer Coordinator for Pioneer, Military, College, and Sunnyside Hills. At the current time we do not have a downtown coordinator. Each Block Watch Neighborhood has a volunteer block captain.

If you would like further information on Block Watch, please call the Pullman Police Department at 509-334-0802 and ask to speak to the Detective Sergeant.