Military Hill Park

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500 NW Larry Street

Set on Military Hill overlooking the fields of the Palouse, Military Hill Park is a shared facility with Pullman High School (25 acres). There are six tennis courts, two baseball diamonds, one  playfield, a children’s playground, picnic shelter, barbeques, and restroom facilities. Surrounding the park is an extensive exercise trail with a par course. Development of Military Hill Park was completed in 1974 with the help of I.A.C. Funds. Quann Field, the primary baseball diamond, was outfitted with lights in 1979 and new bleachers were installed in 1992. During the summer of 2006 the City installed in the childrens play area a climbing rock, a train and a climbing rope using Metro park dollars. Additional Metro dollars were used in the summer of 2007 to install a new swing set and a climbing toy.

Mil Hill 4

A) Pullman Aquatics & Fitness Center 
B) Play Apparatuses
Park Shelter/Restrooms
Tennis Court 1
E) Quann Baseball Field

F) Tennis Court 2
Tennis Court 3
Upper Quann Field
  Hiking Area


 Mil Hill 3

Mil Hill

 Mil Hill 2
 Mil Hill 1