City Playfields

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820 SE South St.

Softball Playfields 

Situated along the South Fork of the Palouse River are the three softball fields (Thatuna, Bowman, and Wiley) that constitute the Pullman City Playfields (8.66 acres). This is the main athletic facility for Pullman’s summer sports. A jogging track, exercise stations, volleyball standards, batting cage, picnic tables, drinking fountains and restrooms are also part of this athletic complex.  Henry Cole dedicated the land for the City Playfield to the city in 1941. Wiley Field was lighted in 1979 and Bowman Field in 1985.

The site of Adult Softball from May-Sept. Pullman Parks & Recreation has softball leagues for men, women, coed, and church groups. Call 338-3227 for more information.

The City Playfields are also the site of many of our youth sports activities and has a signed walking path around the perimeter of the park.


A) Youth Soccer Field
B) Youth Soccer Field
C) Thatuna Baseball Field
D) Restroom 1
E) Bowman Adult Softball Field   

F) Youth Soccer/Football Field
G) Wiley Adult Softball Field
H) Youth Soccer/Football Field
I) Restroom 2
J) Walking Track

City playfields