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Pullman City Cemetery Brochure

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We encourage you to visit our exceptional properties, and consider making this difficult decision in an atmosphere not strained by emotional crisis. Our staff is available during office hours and can acquaint you with the available areas.

As each person has a  different need and wish for their future interment, the City offers a number of choices from traditional burial sites to cremation burials or niches.

General Information

Fairmont City Cemetery - 500 SE Fairmont Rd.

Farr Cemetery - Between 410 & 500 SW Fountain St.

I.O.O.F. Cemetery - 800 West Main St.

A.O.U.W. Cemetery Block is located within the Fairmont City Cemetery.

Family, visitors and friends are always welcome at City of Pullman Cemeteries. The cemeteries are open from sunrise to sunset.

For information or to purchase grave sites go to the City of Pullman, Clerk’s office, 325 SE Paradise Street, open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

All interments, grading, landscaping, plantings, and trimmings will be done by Pullman Parks personnel. All improvements or alterations to any lot shall be done by cemetery personnel. Any improvements or alterations to any lot must be with prior approval from, and under the direct supervision of park personnel. The City of Pullman retains the right to remove or alter any lot improvements if they become unsightly or pose a safety hazard. Any of these services should be requested through the City Clerk’s office (509) 338-3209.


All flowers whether live or artificial must be removed from gravesites before the next mowing of cemetery property.