Reserve Firefighter Program

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Pullman Fire Department
Reserve Firefighters

The Pullman Fire Department is composed of both full-time City employees, and Reserve Firefighters. Reserve Firefighters must attend the department recruit academy before being allowed to participate fully with the mission of the Pullman Fire Department. The recruit academy includes: Washington State EMT, IFSAC Firefighter 1, IFSAC Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations, and NWCG Firefighter 2. Once completed with the recruit academy, Reserve Firefighters respond on fire and EMS calls as well as Hazardous Material releases and service calls. There are numerous opportunities to participate in specialty teams and training once a member of the department.

So you want to be a Firefighter?

Watch the video about being a recruit: Pullman Fire Recruits

Who can be a Pullman Reserve Firefighter?

Each year Pullman Fire hires new recruits to train to be a Pullman Fire Reserve. To be considered for employment, you must meet these minimum qualifications:

What does a Pullman Reserve Firefighter do?

Reserve firefighters will be assigned duties based on demonstrated proficiency, the amount of training, and the length of service. All reserve firefighters shall maintain proficiency of their assignments with regard to the standards of the department. Reserve firefighters are assigned to a shift.  When on duty they must be available from 1800-0600 to respond to the station for calls during this period. Reserves can also participate in 12 or 24 hour shift work, 0800-2000 or 0800-0800, in lieu of the above mentioned reserve shift.

When the Reserves are not responding to emergency calls, they participate in many different community service events. Such as providing medical aid at WSU and Pullman High School football games, and other events. Teaching First-Aid and CPR classes (when certified). Participating in parades and at the 4th of July celebration.

Where do Pullman Fire Reserves serve?

When there is an emergency call, and they are working the traditional reserve shift (1800-0600), on duty reserves will respond to Station 32 on North Grand and Terre View Drive.
Reserve can serve at both Station 1 and Station 2 when working a 12 or 24 hour shift as a member of the duty crew.

The reserves serve the City of Pullman, the City of Palouse, and several small communities outside of the Pullman city limits.

When are Pullman Fire Reserve applications taken?

Applications are taken anytime. However, reserve testing is conducted in September, with training starting in October.

The process to become a reserve is as follows:

Recruit Class 2020-01 Testing Information

Written Examination - September 17, 2019 from 1830 - 2030

Physical Agility Examination  - September 20, 2019 from 1600 - 2000, candidates will be assigned a test time.

Physical Agility Practice Sessions:

August 24, 2019, 0900 - 1200

September 7, 2019, 0900 - 1200

Physical Agility Preparation Program - PFD Reserve Fitness ProgramPFD Reserve Fitness Program Exercise Pictures

 How do I get an application?

You can get an application by going to Station 31 at 620 South Grand, or you can download them from this website. Be sure to download and fill out all the required information. Return applications to Deputy Chief Ray Lamoureux at 620 S. Grand Avenue.
APPLICATION DEADLINE - September 12, 2019
Application ReserveApplication.pdf

Recruit Academy

Pullman Fire assumes their recruits are at ground zero. They provide instruction for recruits to become state certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). Pullman also trains the recruits to a level of IFSAC Firefighter 1. This training is completed in a "recruit academy". The recruits receive about 250 hours of training.

In October, the recruits start off with IFSAC Hazardous Materials training, and then move into NWCG Red Card training during November. In December, they will be given their emergency vehicle drivers training followed by three weeks off to allow our recruits who are WSU students to study for, and pass, their finals. In January the recruits begin their medical training lecture and practical’s. Starting in April, the final 3 months are spent learning and practicing firefighting techniques. Upon successful completion of the recruit academy, the Reserve Firefighter will graduate as a Washington State EMT and obtain their IFSAC credentials in Firefighter 1 and Hazardous Materials Awareness/Operations.

Examples of the Duties of a Reserve Firefighter

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