Fire Prevention

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Pullman Fire Department
Bureau of Fire Prevention


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Fire Marshal:
Chris Wehrung

Deputy Fire Marshal:
Tony Nuttman

Pullman Fire Dept. Station 2
55 NW Terre View
Pullman, WA 99163

*Please note: Fire Marshall Wehrung and Assistant Fire Marshall Nuttman frequently work in the field. It is strongly recommended that you call the Fire Marshall's office before traveling to the Fire Station to ensure a Fire Marshall will be available to assist you.

On Jan 29, 2016, long time PFD Fire Prevention Officer Rich Dragoo retired.

The Pullman Fire Department is responsible for enforcement of the International Fire Code as adopted by the State of Washington and the City of Pullman. The Bureau of Fire Prevention was created and staffed by the Pullman Fire Chief to enforce the rules and regulations of the International Fire Code (as amended by the State of Washington), other applicable codes and specific ordinances adopted by the City Council for the protection of life and property in the City of Pullman. The office is staffed with one IFCI certified fire code inspector that performs the duties of the office.

Development standards were created by the Bureau of Fire Prevention to deal with specific areas of the fire code concerning new construction, fire suppression and detection systems within the City of Pullman. The standards cover control of ignition sources, buildings under construction, access to buildings, emergency vehicle access, water supply, fire hydrants, sprinklers and standpipes, fire alarms and other miscellaneous standards.

The occupancy survey program is a shift level Fire Safety Inspection Program. The purpose of the inspection program is simple: Fire prevention. The program is intended to provide a structured format that integrates public fire education, pre-incident planning, and fire code compliance inspections by the on-duty shifts.

The Fire Prevention Officer (FPO) an International Code Council certified Fire Code Inspector II, is responsible for the Occupancy Survey Program and conducting inspections not covered by the shifts. Such inspections include high life/high value occupancies, specialized processes, hazardous materials involvement, new buildings, new fire protection and alarm systems and abatement of dangerous buildings. The FPO is also responsible for solving difficult situations occurring on the shift inspections such as special fire-related problems, code questions and enforcement though issuance of a citation to the non-complying business.

Another special inspection conducted is Greek Housing for Washington State University, which consists of 38 Sororities and Fraternities on city property. These inspections are conducted once a year and encompass a complete inspection of the house including individual study rooms. The FPO also conducts joint inspections with the State Fire Marshals Office including daycares; group homes and limited care facilities.

Fire investigations are required by law through the International Fire Code and the Department's Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) #109.01. The FPO performs primary investigations as outlined in the SOP and when the FPO cannot respond there are four backup firefighters that have been trained in investigation techniques to step in. The shift officer on the scene performs all minor investigations.

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