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Pullman Fire Department
Fire Chaplain Program
It is an honor to work with emergency services personnel. These dedicated men and women of the Pullman Fire Department have made it their purpose to respond to crisis situations. Whether it is a medical call, a fire or hazardous material call, these heroes answer the call and rush to the rescue. When they arrive on scene they help the injured, perform rescue operations, put out fires, and protect the public from further harm. It is the most dangerous job in the world. It takes highly skilled, motivated, and courageous individuals to do this job. RonMcMurray250
Chaplain Ron McMurray

Chaplain’s Pledge
As a chaplain I have taken a pledge. “I believe that God has the answer to mankind’s problems of pain and suffering. I am ready to discuss these issues with anyone and show them the power and love of God offered through Jesus Christ. At the same time I must be open to people of all faiths and help them use their faith resources in their time of crisis. I recognize that a personal crisis is often a turning point in someone’s life. It can become a time of faith renewal and recommitment. I want to be there to help them when this time comes.”

The purpose of a Fire Chaplain is to be a ministry of presence to the fire department personnel at the fire station and on the scene of an incident. I enjoy spending time with the fire personnel and watching their training and day to day activities. This helps me understand them and assist them when they have a need to talk. My goal is to enable them to be emotionally and spiritually secure even in the midst of a chaotic event.

A chaplain must be available to help victims of tragedy in a follow up capacity. Chaplains are on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I have been trained in Crisis Counseling, Stress Management and Critical Incident Debriefings. A chaplain is trained to bring comfort and consolation to persons involved in critical incidents, natural catastrophes, and/or incidents dealing with death.

Pastoral Background
I have been an ordained minister for thirty-one years and presently pastor Grace Bible Church in Pullman. With this background I am able to provide spiritual guidance and counseling to those who ask for it. A chaplain works with people facing a family crisis, on the job crisis, or during any critical incident. The chaplain does not replace a person’s pastor or spiritual leader. If the person has a spiritual leader or is in need of a professional counselor then a referral will be made.

Community Service Activities
Member of International Conference of Police and Fire Chaplains, Board Member of American Red Cross of the Palouse, Board Member of Community Action Center, Volunteer Hospital Chaplain, Whitman County Sheriff’s Office Chaplain (also Jail Chaplain).

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