Utility Billing

Last Updated on Monday, 02 November 2015 09:01

Water utility billing rate schedule effective Nov. 1, 2015

Sewer utility billing rate schedule effective Nov. 1, 2015

Understanding your utility bill

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Your city of Pullman utility bill looks similar to the sample bill .

The bill is perforated at the bottom to allow you to keep the top for your records. Return the bottom portion with your payment. Please make note of your account number. This will be extremely important for the customers who pay with a banker online service. To insure proper credit, please confirm your account number with your bank. Our billing software assigns account numbers to customers rather than to properties. The account number will change slightly each time a property sells or a new tenant moves in.

The following information is provided on your bill:

1. Your account number. (Please note this number on your checks and update your banker online service to insure proper credit.)

2. Billing cycle date (Your meter was read previous to this date.)

3. Due date

4. Previous meter reading

5. Current meter reading

6. Water usage in cubic feet (To convert to gallons, multiply cubic feet by 748.)

7. Account/Service description

8. Service charge

9. Current amount due (The current amount due represents the previous month's usage.)

10. Total amount due on the account

11. Usage history for the current month and 12 previous months