City Council

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Form of Government: In 1971, Pullman became a non-chartered code city under the Mayor-Council form of government, as authorized by the Optional Municipal Code of the Revised Code of Washington. 

The city has an elected mayor with an elected seven-member council and an appointed administrative officer--the city administrator. One of the seven councilmembers is elected at-large, with two elected from each of the city's three wards. (Ward Map) The mayor, also elected at-large, is the chief executive and administrative officer of the city, with the power to appoint the city administrator who serves under the mayor's direction.  The council is vested with the authority to set policy for the city.

Title 35 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) sets forth general laws for municipal corporations.  Chapter 35A RCW, passed by the state legislature in 1967, provides an optional code for municipalities which allows for a form of statutory home rule for local governĀ­ments. The powers authorized to cities incorporated under the Optional Municipal Code are liberally construed to provide all powers possible under the state constitution except those specifically prohibited by law. 

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