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Tuesday, 23rd July 2019
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Neill Public Library News


Dan Owens, Adult Services Librarian, Neill Public Library




Neill Public Library is proud to participate in the Washington Anytime Library, an e-book consortium of 40+ small public libraries in the state of Washington. Working together is an incredibly effective use of our resources, but even working together, there can be long waiting lists for our most popular ebooks and e-audiobooks. Unfortunately, recent moves by some publishers are making it even harder for us to connect patrons to the resources they need.




Already, libraries pay three to five times the consumer price for ebook or e-audiobook. So for most books, we often pay $50 or more for a single license that can be used by one person at a time- and that license usually expires after a certain number of uses or a certain period of time (usually two years). Once that license expires, we must purchase another license to continue to ensure access for our patrons. If you’ve ever run into a case of the Washington Anytime Library missing a title in a popular book series, that’s usually what has happened- our last license has expired, and we now have to decide between buying a new license with our limited budget, or purchasing a new, “hot” title.




Last summer, the science fiction publisher Tor announced a temporary embargo on selling their titles to public libraries- libraries had to wait months after the release date to purchase titles for their patrons. And just recently, a major e-audiobook publisher (Blackstone) has decided also to permanently “embargo” select titles from purchase by public libraries for three months. These steps directly threaten public libraries’ ability to serve their patrons and uphold their commitment to equitable access for all. As a result, the Washington Anytime Library has decided not to purchase e-audiobooks from Blackstone Publishing for six months.




Publishers claim to have data showing ebook sales to libraries hurt the overall market for ebooks, but they have not shared any of their data and refuse to discuss specifics. In fact, there is a much more open joint project between large publishers and the largest library ebook vendor to research the impact of library ebook usage on ebook sales- and it is still ongoing. Yet, prior to completion of that important project, we still see publishers changing license terms and establishing embargoes without waiting for the completed research. And they too rarely acknowledge the work libraries do to build a culture of literacy, through reading programs for children, promoting new authors, book clubs, and the many other ways libraries enhance a love of books and reading.




Neill Public Library will continue to do our best to ensure patrons have access to the broadest possible range of materials while spending library funds effectively and responsibly. And for more information about our ebooks and e-audiobooks, visit the Washington Anytime Library on the web today!









Date: 7/19/19
To: All media
Contact name/phone/e-mail: Dan Owens/509.338.3251/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Event/Date: Palouse Writers Read! at Neill Public Library on Thursday, July 25th, 2019 at 6pm

Join Neill Public Library in welcoming the Palouse Writers Guild!

The Palouse Writers Guild and Neill Public Library have teamed up to bring in five local authors who will read from their works and participate in a panel discussion on writing and publishing. This event will take place in the conference room at Neill Public Library on Thursday, July 25th, from 6 PM to 8 PM. Participating authors include Al Halsey, Katherine Sterling, Sanan Kolva, Stuart Scott, and Mark Ready. Their works include elements of adventure, horror, fantasy, paranormal fiction, short stories, and true crime- including tales of crimes committed on the Palouse.

About the authors:

Al Halsey is a lifelong resident of Lewiston. He graduated from Lewiston High School and Lewis-Clark State College. He spent the last 30 years working with children with emotional and behavioral problems and training other professionals to do the same

Katherine Sterling has been writing stories for over three decades. Sterling grew up in Helena, Montana. Her work paints a picture of where her heart lives—in the Old West. She holds a B.A. degree from Fairhaven College, WWU, Bellingham, WA in Writing, Literature, and Women’s Spirituality and holds a M.A. from Gonzaga University in Religious Studies. Presently, she lives with her husband John in Moscow.

Sanan Kolva is a Pullman native and writer of fantasy. She is the author of The Chosen of the Spears series, an epic fantasy; the Silverline Chronicles, a steampunk-style fantasy; as well as short stories featured in multiple anthologies.

Stuart Scott and his wife, Sue, moved to Moscow, Idaho for his job with the Federal Probation and Parole Service in October 1980. He founded the Camas Prairie Winery in the fall of 1983 in his garage and ran the winery until he sold it in 2011. Stu retired from the federal service in Sept 1998. After retiring, he still worked part-time as a Protective Services Agent and body-guard until 9/11/01. Much of his writing has been influenced by his work in federal law enforcement.

Mark Ready is a native of the Lewis-Clark Valley and former small business owner. Proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks, Mark did not begin writing until age 50. He emphasizes the mystical, the miraculous, and the mysterious in his Hedwig Books, which are set in Europe during the late 1700s, when science and learning were encroaching on the word of the church.



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